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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Trend setters in the Tech World

There are firsts in every walk of life. They set an example, are revolutionary and they set a new trend. In the tech world too, there are some examples which have been trend setters. They have been revolutionary. Here are my favorite picks.


When you think of instant messaging, the first thing that flashes across your mind is the yellow smiley with an exclamatory mark. I am a big fan of this messenger. Yahoo redefined instant messaging with its messenger service. The concept of IMvironments was awesome. It meant that users could now do instant messaging in customised environments. Also, yahoo messenger had chat rooms, online games on the go, and many other innovative features like staying online in invisible mode. The invisible mode feature is something which is still not available in many IM clients. And the smallest yet the most useful feature in the yahoo messenger is the "Buzz!!" button. Its the best way to get the attention of some sleepyheads on the other side of the conversation.Also,the audibles are always funny. This is the best messenger one can have. Three cheers for YM and we hope to see more soon.

This browser reminded us why internet explorer sucked and showed how a browser should be. It was one of the first successful open source browsers. Firefox introduced the concept of tabbed browsing and this revolutionized the way we browsed the net. Whether it was the feature of using add-ons and plug-ins or the feature of multiple search engines in a single browser , Firefox had it all. Needless to say, just a few days after its launch, people knew that this was the most secure browser on earth. For many, its like "we love the internet because we love firefox" kinda thing. With every update, Firefox leaped to higher levels and went onto become a very stable browser after every release. Its a must have browser in every computer. As a matter of fact, i would like to point out that even though IE still holds 70% of the share in browser market, it has still not gained the status it enjoyed in the pre-Firefox era. KUDOS to FF!

Videos, videos and more videos. There is no other possible way to define this online video site. This online service solved the problem for those who didn't have enough space on their hard disk, but still wanted to watch videos. You tube offers some quality videos. It also allows copying of video codes to be embedded in various websites. You tube offers a plethora of videos in very category imaginable. You tube now even offers HD videos. Truly, Youtube has redefined our online video viewing experience. What more, You tube is in talks with sony entertainment to bring full length movies online in high quality!

Social networking = Orkut = Social networking. There's no space for argument in this equation. Orkut disproved those who said that people who are online do not interact with friends and their dear ones. What could be a better possible way to express your thoughts for your friends than writing them a testimonial. And, your profile is the best space to express yourself and make others aware of your interests. It allows people to stay connected to each other. Remember those good old slam books? Orkut brings in the joy of all that and more. Orkut gets updated pretty frequently with new and innovative ideas, and has grown as the #1 social networking site on the net now. So, keep orkutting friends!

Does anyone know the reason why there are so many touch screen phones in the market these days? Well, there aren't many "million button" phones in the market these days. A whole new generation of mobile phones has born: The Touchscreen Generation. iPhone is the father of all the touchscreen phones available in the market today. It sparked off the competition between mobile phone companies to roll out a whole new array of touch phones. iPhone revolutionized the mobile phone industry with its state of the art, first of its kind technology on a portable device. Multi touch, Accelerometer, intelligent sensors, ...gawd! this has to be the portable device of the decade. Of course, it does lack some of the basic features other phones do, but come on, it does have something out of the box. The interface is awesome and its performance is perfect. Whatever features it offers, it does them perfectly. It has been known for its ease of use ever since its launch. The touch sensitivity is better than and not mastered by any other touch phone in the market(is Nokia listening?). With Apple trying to iron out some drawbacks in the iPhone with the release of its OS 3.0, the competition seems to be ever growing.

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