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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The iPod that was and the future iPods

Almost every one of us owns an ipod. Whether it be shuffle or nano, classic or touch; we love our ipods. As time went by, the ipods evolved in design and quality. But the basic design of the ipods remained same. For example, the click wheel has been there for quite some time now. But now, we have reached a threshold point for the ipods. The click wheel no longer amuses us and also, the split screen menu of the nano and classic has become a bore. Apple is a company which depends a lot on its revenue from its iPod line. But recently, i suppose they have been running out of ideas. The evidence being the reintroduction of the lengthy form factor of the iPod nano. The iPod classic hasn't evolved much in design or in terms of features in the past three years. The classic has just undergone some changes in storage capacities and that's it! Not to talk about the iPod shuffle, it has never evolved and according to me its the weakest link in the iPod family.No wonder why Apple inc. has showed a drop in iPod sales in the year 2008-09. From a figure of 11.2 million iPods sold in 2007-08, it dropped to 10.2 million iPods sold in 2008-09. A sales drop by 1 million! This is an alarming figure keeping in mind the popularity of iPods.The only lotus in the pond has been the iPod touch which has been quite successful, and has shared the limelight with the iPhone ever since its introduction.The app store has also been a key of success in the scheme of things for the iPhone and the iPod touch.

Rumors and the future iPods:
Rumor has it that the third generation iPod touch and the fifth Generation iPod nano will sport a camera. The 3rd gen iPod touch is also rumored to have a built-in mic. This will be a refreshing development for the touch if the rumors turn out to be true. So what can we expect from this year's iPod line? Will it be the end of the classic? will we see the removal of the click wheel from iPods? Will there be radio?
..... And, i would also like to see all the ipods with wifi connectivity. Also, all iPods must be able to get games from the existing app store and this will close the gap between the iPod touch and the other iPods in the family.Something revolutionary must happen for the iPod family else i wont be surprised if there is a drop of sales by another 2 million this financial year. Waiting for a jaw dropping announcement from Jobs on a tuesday in the month of september 2009 at 10 am (US time).

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