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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Who wants a Netbook?

All of us access the internet. All of us like to access internet on the go and like to access our data on the road. While we have seen a lot of portable devices over the years, the netbook is just another portable device which is very easy to carry. What does it do? Browse the net and every other usual tasks every other portable device does. The question which arises here is, who requires a netbook in the first place? Does it have the market? Is there any demand for the netbook?

PDA or Notebook?(image courtesy:gizmodo)

Well, according to me, the netbooks lie somewhere between a PDA and a low end notebook. they do a little more than a pda, and a little less than a notebook. Incomplete here and incomplete there. Somehow, i have never been able to digest this whole concept of netbooks. Suppose i have a PDa and a notebook at home, where's the need of such a device which is somewhere between these two. I mean its uncomfortable for me to carry around a 10-inch screen device which is of no great use. I can browse the web on my mobile, i can check my mail, and a lot more. I understand that the netbook too can do all this but i need to carry a much bigger device. A notebook is portable, a netbook is very much portable and a PDA is ultra portable. Maybe, a few students in the pre teen age can make use of it because its cheaper and easy to use. Moreover, young school students who do not own a PDA type device can have a go at it.
A netbook is a device which is priced in the sub $800 segment. Shell out a couple of hundred bucks more, and you get a decent notebook. An iPhone/iPod touch or any device like a 5800 XM and many other touchscreen phones out there, can do all a netbook does and much more. Please drop in your comments and views on the same.

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