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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Finger tips: 10 winkey commands that make your life easy

winkey + D
Shows the desktop no matter where you are and what app you are working on.
winkey+ tab
somewhat similar to the alt-tab. but this is the combination which is the origin of the famous win+tab aero feature of vista. this one allows you to toggle the selection between the different tasks on your enter to maximize the one you selected
winkey +M
Quite similar to the winkey + D option. Minimizes all open windows .
winkey +shift+M restores all your minimized windows
winkey + R
Opens the run command dialog box
winkey + Y
This is for the Yahoo messenger lovers! this key combo opens the yahoo messenger and start typing your buddy's name and press enter. Wala ! you are good to go..
winkey then U then U
press the winkey and then press U twice to shut down your PC
winkey + E

Opens the windows explorer
winkey + U
The utility manager opens up and the microsoft narrator wizard starts
winkey + F
Opens the search box of your PC
winkey + L

Log off from your PC.

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