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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Great Expectations: Apple's latest Creation event

The day has finally come guys. Apple is ready to present its latest creation. As a gadget geek, i dont want to see just another lame tablet. We want something special and at a special price.

What we don't want it to be:
what we don't want is a tablet with a huge screen and is difficult to carry around. Huge screen is fine but it does matter how portable it is. So we dont want just another tablet like the HP's or like the ones DELL makes.

Is it really the tablet today?:

Well, even though there hav been rumors all over that we will see a tablet today,you never know, Apple could pull out some last minute surprises. It could be a sizzling new iPhone. But i am not buying on that because an iPhone cannot be a new creation. What if apple pulls a dampener here by announcing an ordinary HD tv? nah, we dont wanna see anything like that right? All in all, I will bet for the tablet to be announced today.

What kind of a tablet?:

It should be something godly.Something like heaven has dropped a golden egg on the tech world. I expect the same oomph and wows which the iPhone extracted from us. Portability should be a major consideration since no one would like to carry a fragile piece of chunk in their hands. As far as the functionalities are concerned,it should be able to do something unique. Great features which would make you crave for it should be the biggest criteria for the device. If its not a piece of fragile chunk and is unique, the slate device is bound to create a wave among the masses. Else, Apple's plans of surprising the world and repeating an iPhone kinda show will go kaput.

What price?:

In the times of economic slowdown, no one wants to spend on a tablet. It must be priced well below 1000$ in order to click with the masses. Everybody is expecting a friendly price tag but as all of us know , Apple's products always cost a premium. So i won't be surprised if the tablet's priced even over 1000$.

One more thing:

Will apple show us the iPhone OS 4.0 today? maybe yes, maybe no. I also expect a new version of iTunes today. Let us wait and watch.

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