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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Desktops will never disappear. Here's why..

Many people think that tablets are going to completely replace desktops. Before I tell why they are wrong, lets answer this question-
So Who needs a tablet?

When I ask this question, I mean who really needs it- as a primary computer. Lot of us never get tired of the number of gadgets we have. Getting to the question now, Tablets are for those who don't do extremely serious stuff on their desktop. The average internet user (6 out of 10 of us) uses the computer to check email, read some news and occasionally watch a few videos here and there. This guy is no Developer or Designer. Nor does he have his computer running 24x7, 365 days. This guy wants to do his simple activities quickly and easily. No waiting for computer to switch on, no modems and no wires. This is where tablets step in. Google and Apple saw this an opportunity and are already churning out faster tablets every year.
Tablet is also for those who want to do some desktop specific stuff on desktops and then move to their tablets for casual browsing, reading,etc. Tablets can handle many task in an intuitive way. Thats the reason why they are such a huge success. Now coming to the main point-

Why will desktops be around for the years to come?

No wonder how 'magical' those tablets are, there are a few things they cannot do. And not only that, Desktops are the grass root level of technology. This is where things start developing. Even those amazing apps for your iPhone or iPad are created on a desktop. Can you have the same experience on Photoshop on a tablet as on the desktop? Can we manage various kinds of files without any fuss on a tablet? What about all those graphics you see in movies? The answer for all these: NO. What I mean here is that extremely serious applications will always be best on a desktop. A desktop machine can be upgraded easily. You can even build your own custom windows PC. It is the platform for every other kind of technology to flourish.

Did E-mail ever go away because of the rise of social media? No. Yes, we resort to Twitter or Facebook most of the time these days for communication, but e-mail is still the go-to method of communication for all when it comes to professional communication. Desktops are like that. like email.


I don't mean that Tablets aren't great. They are super cool and will eat into desktops' market share but desktops will still continue to find a place in homes and offices. Tablets will become our companions wherever we go. Notebooks, and not desktops will feel threatened by these touch screen wonders.