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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Jailbreaking the iPod touch/iPhone running on OS 3.0

What You Need:
*An iPod touch 1G/2G/iPhone2G/iPhone3G/iPhone3GS
*The iPhone OS 3.0 firmware(please google for the firmware of the corresponding device)
*Redsnow jailbreak tool for OS 3.0(download from here)


1. Download the latest firmware (os 3.0).
If you had a jailbroken 2.x device proceed to step 2.Else, proceed to step 5.
2. Restore ipod to factory settings first.If there be any problems in restoring,enter your iPod into recovery or DFU mode.
3. To do so,Connect your device to your pc/mac. hold down the power and home buttons together for 10 seconds until the red turn off slider appears.Turn off and release the power button but keep holding the home button.

4. Release the home button when you see the following message on your screen "iTunes has detected an iPod/iPhone in recovery mode".

5. Open iTunes (version 8.1 or later preferred)
6. Under devices tab in itunes, select your device and hold shift and click restore. this will open a dialog box.
7. Browse for the .ipsw firmware file and wait for itunes install the firmware for you.

Follow the instructions in this picture slideshow to Jailbreak.

Note: iPhone users must first check whether the redsnow tool is ready for their version of device.
* Jailbreaking your iPod touch or iPhone might end your one year warranty with Apple.
* Jailbreaking is done at your own risk. If anything goes wrong, please restore your iPod or iPhone to factory settings.
* iPhone users must remember that jailbreaking is completely different from unlocking. Please do not get confused over this.
* iPhone or iPod touch users especially iPhone users must not update directly via iTunes.This will Brick your device.
* Happy jailbreaking!

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