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Monday, July 27, 2009

Who's iTunes is it by the way? Pre syncs with iTunes again...

Ever since the palm pre was announced, there was a lot of speculation as of how the device would fare in the market. When it launched, it sold like hot cakes. The palm-apple war had begun. But one never thought that it could get as dirty as this. Palm integrated iTunes synchronization in to the pre.well, apple felt like pre was laughing at them and at the same time took a bite of their fruit sorted this out with an iTunes sooner than the update came, palm too released an update for the pre which re enabled iTunes sychronization. Now this is ridiculous -two companies fighting over iTunes synchronization?these are two big companies.No, we are not talking about two kids fighting ovr a piece of chocolate. Come on pre, I don't think your customers wanna use iTunes so badly. I hope this time around, palm itself pulls itself out of this before the Cupertino giant intervenes. Wishing a healthy rivalry between the two companies, I sign off.

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