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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Zune HD- the latest touchscreen PMP

The Zune HD is coming! Finally. This is one more addition to Microsoft's line up if mp3 players. While it's just not that,it's also a competitor to the iPod touch. The zune was pitted against the iPod classic a few years ago and now the touch. The zune couldn't compete well with the classic though for many reasons than one. But past is past. This time around, the zune is back with a bang. Multi touch touchscreen and a new feature for HD tv output are a some if the few features which make it a worthy candidate in the pmp market. As usual, the zune sports wifi capabilities and has got a full HTML browser this time around. IE yes, but that's fine. Microsoft has also designed a cool interface for the zune HD . This one has one of the coolest UI one could have ever seen on a touch screen pmp. The zune HD will be available in. 32 gig model coming fall. September 15th s the date and will be available for 249$. The pricing is quite aggresive.
Some of the most hushed about features is the digital radio . this one offers dire t over the air radio without the necessity of connecting any external transmitter. That's gonna be awesome. I hope microsof gets it right this time. They have promised a powerful battery life too. But still, the iPod touch holds the edge in this clash coz of the apps and the brand dominance if apple prevails as far as this particular pmp amarket is concerned. Zune can still pose a few challenges by offering some great quality to customers and Who knows! Maybe there is a Microsoft app store under the wraps . One must admit that zune has the Oled screen and digital radio plus the UI going in favour for it to stall talll and compete against any pmp in the market. Watch this exclusive hands on demo of the zune HD from you tube:

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