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Friday, September 4, 2009

Rock and roll on sep9: Apple event is on the way

September is here and its time for another refresh for the iPod line. That's been the and trend and this year will be no trend breaker. Apple has sent out invitations to the media in the U.S for a rock and roll event. So, what can we expect from this event? No prize for guesses, surely we are gonna see new iPods for this holiday season. What can we expect actually? If the rumors turn out to be true, we can see an iPod touch 3rd gen with a 3.2 megapixel camera and voice recording features.Also, this could be shipped with the much awaited(?!?) 3.1 software update. Also, we could see a smarter iPod nano with a wider screen and this time nano could sport a camera too. We havent seen any huge changes in the ipod line up last year, so a camera does make some sense. As far as the iPod classic is concerned, it will either be upgraded or declared dead. The rock and roll event is on sep 9, at san francisco.Strangely, this time the event is being held on a wednesday. Anyways, that shouldn't bother any of us. Well, lets wait and watch what apple has up its sleeve this year.

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