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Friday, September 25, 2009

The best Touchscreen UI's

There's a ton of touchscreen mobile phones available in the market these days. Thanks to iPhone, a whole touch screen revolution sparked off in the industry. Even though there are many touchscreen devices available in available in the market, only a handful of these have some gorgeous UI. Others, have an OS running just like the ones on non-touchscreen devices, and have a touch interface just because they want to be in the touchscreen category.Here are few picks which have the best interface combined with some stellar performance.
Note: the order in which the devices have been listed doesnt signify their ranking or any other kind of a priority.

Palm Pre:
USP: Cards and Synergy along with some touch gestures, Multitasking
OS: Web OS
The palm pre was launched in the CES 2009. This phone , according to me, has one of the best touch interfaces . The cards concept is simply amazing and its amazingly droolworthy interface is simple and easy to navigate. The contacts app of this device also fantastic as it works based on synergy where we have all the accounts of a person synced into a single contact. Also, there are some really unique gestures in the palm web OS which are simply awesome.

iPhone/iPod touch:
USP: easy to navigate interface with multitouch and multiple home screens and some good graphics.
OS: mac OS/iPhone os 3.1(current)
The iPhone was the first to do it all and has some wonderful multi touch interface. The ease of use is what makes it one of the top selling devices in the world.With the flick of a finger , you can navigate through multiple home screens. Also, The shake to shuffle is worth mentioning. The coverflow mode is just one of the many eye candies present in the iPhone OS. just one word to describe the iPhone OS: Superb!

HTC Hero:
USP: Android OS with HTC's very own Touch UI. This one is packed with features and is here to perform.
OS: Android(it Rocks!)
The name is apt and This device is truly a Hero in its own right. The interface is simply amazing. Its the best android device till date and has the power of both android and HTC's touch UI for the home screen. Also, it has a synergy kinda feature similar to the Pre.Hero is packed with features and also brings to fore some solid performance. The touchscreen is amazingly responsive and there aren.t any glitches too. All in all, this one is action packed boy!

Zune HD:
USP: Fantastic and fresh UI out of the box which can make you drool over. Not to mention HD radio and the OLED screen.
OS: based on windows CE mob/Zune software v 4
An UI which is simply out of the box is the zune HD's. The menu has some big letters covering your screen with album art floating in the background. Screensavers are like omg it makes me faint and the multi touch interface doesn't let you take your fingers off it. The OLED screen is really beautiful and this results in some wonderful screen resolution. Images look great on the zune HD. Battery life is also amazing. Over all, the sound and video quality also rocks. Somehow, this time around the zune has got the tune right!

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