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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The phones which radiate the most: A Report

The Environmental Working Group has done research on the phones which radiate the most and has come out with a report. Scientists are yet to find out as of to what extent they can affect the users. There are many smarthones in the market and each one has a different radiation level. This is what EWG had to say on this report.
"We at Environmental Working Group are still using our cell phones, but we also
believe that until scientists know much more about cell phone radiation, it’s
smart for consumers to buy phones with the lowest emissions. The U.S.
government ought to require cell phone companies to label their products’
radiation output so that consumers can do the numbers at the point of sale. It
doesn’t, so EWG has created this user-friendly interactive online guide to cell
phone emissions, covering over 1,000 phones currently on the market."

Here's a list of the top ten most radiating smartphones:
The 10 smartphones with the highest radiation
1. T-Mobile MyTouch 3G (1.55 W/kg)
2. Blackberry Curve 8330 (1.54 W/kg)
3. Palm Treo 600 (1.53 W/kg)
4. T-Mobile Shadow (1.53 W/kg)
5. Palm Treo 650 (1.51 W/kg)
6. Blackberry Curve 8300 (1.51 W/kg)
7. Blackberry Bold 9000 (1.51 W/kg)
8. Sony Ericsson P910a (1.50 W/kg)
9. HTC SMT 5800 (1.49 W/kg)
10. BlackBerry Pearl 8120/8130 (1.48 W/kg)
The T-Mobile Mytouch 3G from HTC tops the above list and suprisingly this phone has one of the top selling phones of the season for HTC. Also, the alltime best selling business phones like the blackberry's and treo's too top the charts in this category.

Also, is a list of the smart guys who radiate the least:
1. Nokia 9300i (0.21 W/kg)
2. Nokia 7710 (0.22 W/kg)
3. T-Mobile MDA Wiza200 (0.28 W/kg)
4. Samsung Impression SGH-a877 (0.35 W/kg)
5. Nokia 9300 (0.44 W/kg)
6. Samsung Propel Pro SGH-i627 (0.47 W/kg)
7. Samsung Gravity SGH-t459 (0.49 W/kg)
8. BlackBerry Storm 9530 (0.57 W/kg)
9. Nokia E90 (0.59 W/kg)
10. Nokia N96 (0.68 W/kg)
I appreciate Nokia for being on the top in this category. These phones radiate less and consequently are less harmful too. Surprisingly enough, none of the models of the above manufacturers radiated much. So, the company must get some credit for that.
Heres's another list of smart phones which radiate in the mid range level
• HTC Touch Pro (0.91 W/kg)
• Palm Pre (0.92 W/kg)
• iPhone (0.97 W/kg)
• Samsung JACK i637 (1.04 W/kg)
• T-Mobile’s Google G1 (1.11 W/kg)
• Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220 (1.14 W/kg)
• iPhone 3GS (1.19 W/kg)
• Samsung BlackJack II SGH-i617 (1.20 W/kg)
• Motorola MOTO Q 9m (1.30 W/kg)
• iPhone 3G (1.39 W/kg)
• BlackBerry Tour 9630 (unknown)

As part of the report, the EWG also provided eight safety tips for cellphone users who are concerned about radiation. Here is a quick list of the tips.
1. Buy a low-radiation phone
2. Use a headset or speaker
3. Listen more, talk less
4. Hold phone away from your body
5. Choose texting over talking
6. Poor signal? Stay off the phone
7. Limit children’s phone use
8. Skip the “radiation shield”
In an age where we look for overperforming smartphones, we often forget the ahrm these smart toys can cause. Its on our part to play it safe and ensure that we know how harmful our smartphones are.

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