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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tech 2k10: What to expect in Tech for 2010

2010 is here. Technology is ever evolving and we will see more of that this year too.
2009 was a great year for tech geeks. We saw many smartphones evolving and many new mobile OSes showed up with significant updates. Android jumped to version 2.0, iPhone came up with a very major 3.0 update and also, we saw new OSes like the web OS and the bada OS being announced. 2009 also saw Nokia join the touchscreen bandwagon. Many tablets came up and many new environmentally green devices too became a trend. So, what would it be like in 2010? Will we see more mobile OSes? Will 2010 mark the birth of web 3.0? Also, there are many new products and technologies which have been in the pipeline for years and could see the light of the day this year. Here are my views on what lies in the future:
Apple's Tablet:(expected in jan):
This could be apple's entry into the netbook market. This is one of the most awaited devices this year. Rumored to be named as iSlate, many versions of specs have been circulating the web in the past one year. The announcement of such a device is itself a rumor, amusingly. Thats the best part of the rumors sorrounding apple's devices. It never exists till apple says it does.Rumored to be a 10-inch device in the form of a large iPod touch , this one may or not click with the masses. Wait till Jan 27 when Steve job comes up on stage at yerba buena center,San francisco.
Nexus One:(already announced):
Google has been stepping into every field of tech lately and mobile phone industry is no exception. There was a lot of hype and hoopla sorrounding the device and google drew everyone's attention. After the event, i felt that nexusone didn't deserve the pre launch stardom which it did. I mean come on, it doesn't have multitouch. Android 2.1 is awesome though. But you cant say that Nexus one made you feel awestruck. Actually, nexus one is not the first device which has the android+HTC+google combo.Then why the hype in this case? Well, Android 2.1 deserves a lot of appreciation and we will get to see a lot of devices supporting this OS.

Nokia's Catchup Games:
Nokia is one company which would like to forget 2009. Not all went well for them in 2k9.Nokia's share in the mobile market went down thanks to HTC, Samsung and iPhone 3GS. Nokia has promised its fans that they will upgrade symbian OS to a new level (finally) and try to bring quality smartphones into the market(5800 was the antonym of quality). They have been trying to sue Apple recently, but that won't really help them get back on track for sure.

iPhone OS 4.0:
Getting back to the cupertino giant again, its time that there is one more update to this revolutionary OS. Who knows, we could expect an announcement of the OS4.0 on jan 27 and a detailed preview in march just like it happens every year. The fourth coming of iPhone OS will also bring with itself the prospects of the fourth gen iPhone. No one knows what the fruit-named company has in mind but there are some things which we can predict. A 5.0 megapixel camera is quite common a guess. Multitasking is something i like to see happenning this time around.Apple should not cite battery life as a reason for not including the feature. Wireless syncing is something which is not on everybody's lips but its surely something significant considering the fact that how many people really hate wired syncing and on the top of that you need to bear the burden of iTunes. A 1 ghz processor would be great and would keep it in the league of nexus one and other players. Also, we can some great features from apple which we cant even think of.

Microsoft Office 2010:
The best office suite will be refreshed soon and I can't wait to get my hands on it.The beta is out for testing though. It is said to have many new features and carries ahead the trend set by office 07. I hope that they don't change the file extensions this time around(like they did in 07) and a price drop would also be great.

Bada OS:
Samsung surely made its mark in the tech industry last year and they have decided not to rest on their laurels and have developed their own mobile OS. They keep asking 'What's Next?' in their commercials and this time around they seem to have answered it themselves.Bada OS is a full fledged touch OS. They have left no stone unturned and have tried to gather developers for developing apps. The first screenshots of the OS projected the OS to be great and fresh. They have released their SDK and and developers are already working on apps. Samsung has said that there will be a device running on bada OS in the first quarter of 2010. Bada OS is not open source though unlike Android. Well lets expect a Bada device in Mobile World Congress.

I can go on with this forever but that's it for now. A lot is there to expect and the battle between tech giants will be only more intense this time. Hoping for perfect ten for Tech in 2010, i sign off. Happy new Year again!

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