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Monday, May 3, 2010

How to: Jailbreak iPad, iPhone and iPod touch using SPIRIT

This is one of the easiest jailbreaks on earth for iPhone OS 3.0. It has been in the pipeline for quite a few months now and SPIRIT is finally out. This is one of the easiest methods to jailbreak but Apple might crack down on this quite easily the next time you hit the update button. This is jailbreak only, so those who want to unlock will not find this useful. Spirit is applicable for all generations of iPhone and iPod touch and also for the iPad 3G and wifi.

To jailbreak your iDevice,

Download SPIRIT from

1. Open Spirit.exe

2. Connect your device. After connecting, Spirit shows the device connected.

3.  Hit the Jailbreak button, and guess what! you are done...

4. Your iDevice will restart in a few moments and is now jailbroken.

Remedy for error  c0000005

Some people have been getting the error  c0000005 on their PC while using Spirit.

To overcome this, right click on spirit.exe and click on properties.

Click the compatibility tab and select run this program in compatibility mode for windows 98/ME

This should work.

Thanks to the spirit team for all the great work.

NOTE: Spirit is for iPhone OS 3(upto 3.2) only

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