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Monday, June 21, 2010

iOS4 :compatibility for iDevices

iOS4 is live. But not all iDevices are compatible right now and not all of them will get all the features.

Devices Eligible for upgrade:

* iPhone 3G (June 21st)

Not all features announced by Apple are available.Features like Multitasking will not be available for this device.

* iPhone 3GS (June 21st)

All features except facetime specific and the iMovie app will be available.

* iPad (coming this Fall)

May be just like the iPhone 3GS but iPad specific features will be seen close to the release
(currently the iPad is running on iOS 3(v 3.2)

* iPod touch 2Gen (June 21st)

Similar to the iPhone 3G(multitasking will be left out) and iPhone specific features will be unavailable.

* iPod touch 3Gen (June 21st)

Again similar to the iPhone 3GS with iPhone specific features left out.

Devices which are not eligible:

* iPhone 2G: No updates will be available this year and in the future. iOS3 (v 3.1.3) is the last update.

* iPod touch 1Gen: Similar to the iPhone 2G

* All Jailbroken iPhones and iPod touches which are otherwise actually eligible must not be updated. You might lose your jailbroken apps and your 'unlock' . Please wait till the Dev team comes up with the solution.