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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Use Google search as calculator and converter

Windows comes with a very nice calculator but even after so many years, it hasn't matured into something which can be easy to use.And coming to converters, there are apps for download from the web but what we want at our disposal is a simple solution which could do some simple currency and unit conversions,do some simple calculations,and all this without installing any app. We use Google search for anything and everything. And if you are someone like me who keeps the browser open throughout the day, then google is your base. We use google for all our search needs. But not many know that it doubles as a very efficient calculator and converter application too. Here are few examples of how you could use google as a calculator..

In order to fire up a simple calculation just type your query and the answer is shown.

Complex calculations are also possible.

For performing conversions, you need to include the '?' symbol in order to get the result as shown in the examples below.

Any kinda conversion is possible. Not only currency.

Hope you liked this simple yet useful tip. :-)