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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Adding iOS4 features to your iPhone 2G

All the fanboys and the tech world as a whole is buzzing about the iOS4. According to this recent report by chitika,    50 % of all iPhones are running on iOS4. Recently , i posted about the devices compatible for iOS4. So ,this post is for the devices which don’t cut it. So what if Apple doesn’t allow you to share a piece of its latest pie? You can always get them by jailbreaking your iDevice (iPhone 2G and iPod touch 1G). By jailbreaking, you can get almost all the features  . Sounds great, right?
Before you start, read my Guide on how to jailbreak your iPhone.
 Home screen wallpaper
This is not a big feature, but then, when its an Apple device, each small feature counts. To get home screen wallpapers, head over to cydia, and search for Winterboard. Install it and your springboard will restart. Tap on the winterboard app and set wallpapers option ON. Any wallpaper you set from your Photos app will now be the  home screen wallpaper. 

Again, go to cydia and get categories and install it. Once you have installed, tap add and all your apps will show up. Add the ones you want and then name the folder. Boom! All your apps are now neatly tucked away into a folder. Remember, when you restore your device or update the firmware, make sure you remove all apps from the folder and move them to your springboard.

  Go to Cydia. Go to manage>edit>add. Add the “” repository. Search for Backgrounder or Activator and install it. Then, search for Pro switcher. Install and what you will find is a wonderful web-OS like multitasking interface.
Reflective dock
  iOS 4 changes the dock’s looks. The icons are reflective now. Once again, hit cydia and search for “reflective dock”and install it. Enable Reflective dock in winterboard and see the magic.

These were some of the most useful and important features. I will keep you updated on more features as they come.

NOTE: Even though Multitasking is useful, it can drain your battery life faster. Also, move all apps from a folder to your springboard before make any changes to firmware or decide to remove “categories”.