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Monday, September 19, 2011

Windows and iOS can both trump Android. Yes, its possible.

After looking at the title, you must be thinking. Android is doing well, so whats this post all about? This post is all about one thing which both Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 and Apple's iOS5 have. And that could worry Google and prove to be a threat for Android. In the recent months, all we have been hearing about is is the CLOUD. yes. That's the magical word. Cloud is what is going to revolutionize the way we handle our data, settings, preferences,everything. As I have already written before, Android lacks a good ecosystem. Fragmentation is the biggest issue there. So how can windows and iOS beat Android to death? Lets look at the scenario. Lets start with Microsoft first. At the build conference last week, MS showed us how one can buy a Windows 8 tablet, PC and a  Windows phone and never worry about syncing all the devices. Microsoft' s approach is fresh and simple. You have a windows phone, hook it up with your live account and there you are- all your photos, contacts, mail, and much more is synced easily without any thought. You snap a photo on your phone and its available for view immediately on your home PC. Even more, Microsoft has some very good cloud services like office 365 which can always work well with just one account. And that's your Windows live account. Surely they will also figure out a way to keep track of purchases, other accounts, settings, browser preferences etc synchronized across all Windows machines. On Apple's side its the same story again. You sign in once with your Apple ID and iCloud takes care of everything. Even iWork and some other native apps backup data to the cloud every few seconds. All your deleted apps are in the cloud for immediate download. And Apple has even gone to the extent of syncing your iMessages so that you can switch iDevices in the middle of a conversation. Everything is smooth and simple. The biggest worry for Android is not the ability to backup data to the cloud (google sync has been around for years), but the inability to sync your data across all your devices. That's what is required in the near future. Your phone and PC will no longer be independent stand-alone devices. The Personal computer is going to become even more personal. A whole lot of manufacturers produce Smartphones and tablets based on Android, and all of them use different custom layer for the OS. It will be a difficult task to keep your Android phone and Tablet in sync with each other because there will be many dissimilar aspects between both the devices. And moreover, people who own an Android phone/tablet use a PC or MAC as their desktop computer. How is the PC/MAC going to fit into the equation? Windows 8 and Mac will both be more sync-friendly towards windows and iOS devices respectively. And the answer to all this doesn't lie in the Chrome OS. Because that's a big FAIL. Both MAC and Windows PC are well established. And with their strong foothold in the smartphone market, it is only going to help them more. Windows 8 tablets are already looking promising. If Android goes kaput in the long run, it could all be because of just one reason-- 'the inability to sync across all your devices'.


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